domingo, 2 de janeiro de 2011

Na praia

Primeira ida à praia no novo ano.
Apresento-vos o nosso novo amigo, o Urso, o filho da Moura. Eu sei, ninguém diria...
Boa semana!

First walk on the beach in 2011.
Meet our new friend, Urso (Bear), Moura's puppy. Yes, I know, no one would say...
Happy week!

14 comentários:

  1. les chanceux!!!
    que cara simpatica, o usro!
    muitos bjs

  2. hello Urso! Il a grandi non? :) bises, bonne soirée

  3. It is a great pleasure for me to start the year on a beach near Lisbon!
    oh thank you!
    and Happy New Year!

  4. I think that is the best way to begin the new year. The water is so cleansing and new... hugs to all the animals and you! xo

  5. J'adore la mer en hivers... tes photos sont belles! Merci... Hello Urso!

  6. Nice. I haven't said hello the beach yet this year. I will tomorrow.

  7. Beautiful walk (what a view!) with good company :) that the rest of your year may be just as beautiful!

  8. he´s too cute! wishing you a wonderful 2011!
    xxx jane

  9. Happy new year!Lovely way to start a year..Love sea and wind and walks on beach...
    Cute puppy...

  10. Um muito bom ano com essa malta toda.