sábado, 18 de setembro de 2010

Foi assim

Mais um fim-de-semana bem passado na Estrela. Agradeço à Florbela as fotografias e esta nova perspectiva, que nunca tinha tido.

One more joyful weekend at Estrela. Thank you Florbela for the photos and this new perspective.

12 comentários:

  1. It's great to see your setup and your stand!

  2. Wonderful! Wonderful! Your creativity is all over these lovely little creatures and the colors and the presentation. Incredible!
    --how is your camera feeling... I hope it gets well soon. In the meantime, these shots are beautiful!
    --pourquoi j'écris en Anglais... ni modo...
    Beijnhos! (je suis vraiment confusionée ce soir... hi!hi!

  3. Great photos of your stall! Lovely layout with such vibrant mixes of colours and patterns, a bounty of handmade treasures. Hope it went well. I am hooked on your little dogs by the way, they have the best silhouettes!

  4. Un petit monde qu'il est toujours agréable de contempler...

  5. What a wonderful marked; wish I had been there to see and feel... and buy and smile! :)